Hit The Drums!

The quickest way to start drumming.

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Hit The Drums! is thé method for everyone who wants to learn how to play drums.

Through varied and practical exercises that succeed each other in a logical order, you will work on:

Grooves and fills

You can play any song with the help of the goal-oriented grooves and fills in this book.

Musical notation

This book is unique, because drumstick grip and rhythmical language are written down together with the exercises. This makes the musical notation even easier and quicker to understand.

Independence and coördination

Learn how to use all four limbs independently as well as simultaneously.

Accents and ghostnotes

Become more versatile through the accent and ghostnote exercises.


Apply different hi-hat patterns to existing grooves.


Improve your speed, strength and control to move more flexible and relaxed behind your drumset.


Do you keep playing the same grooves and fills? You can create an unending number of new grooves and fills yourself using the tips and systems from this book.

Song structure

Recognize the fundamentals of songs (the different sections and number of measures) so you can play them better.

Marco Mepschen (1983) already knew from a young age that he wanted to become a drummer, which is why he started drumming in music school at age 8. After a year he also played in drum bands and orchestras.

When he was 15 years old, he started playing in different bands. Shortly after that he started the preliminary training of the conservatory. After this preliminary training he was accepted into the conservatory of Zwolle.

Since 2000 he has been touring through the Netherlands with his band and has performed in numerous concerts in cafes, clubs, theatres and on festivals in the past 20 years. He has also recorded multiple singles and albums.

In 2012 he established his own drum school. As a drum teacher he teaches a wide array of students on a daily basis, with pupils ranging from young to old, and from beginners to advanced.

It’s his passion to pass on his extensive knowledge and experience and he loves seeing his students getting excited about drumming and music!

You can listen to all exercises online!

Hit The Drums!

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How many chapters and pages does this book have?

The book consists of 59 chapters spread over 94 pages. Each chapter in this book deals with teaching materials that arise from the previous chapters, this ensures a good structure and continuity of the material.

For which level of drummer is the book intended?

Hit The Drums! is primarily intended for the beginning drummer. It doesn't matter whether the drummer is young or old. But the drum book is also excellent for drummers who, for example, can already play the drums, but would like to learn to read notes . The last 20 chapters contain material that is also very suitable for the advanced drummer.

Is a CD included with the book?

Instead of a CD, you can listen to all exercises for free on www.hitthedrums.com/en/audio.

Do you have a digital version available? (e-book)?